Mrs. Fixxit

As a professional, licensed service and maintenance professionals, The MRS FIXXIT team are deemed essential service providers during this NJ State Emergency Shutdown.  We are exercising sensible safety protocols when we are out in the community.  When you see our trucks around town, please know that we are doing our best to help our neighbors during this tough time.

Sincerely, Kerrie Peterson, Mrs. Fixxit

Here at Mrs. Fixxit, we take all of our health and well being seriously and we respect your home and family as if it were ours.  We are no longer shaking hands with our customers and will strive to keep all direct contact negligible.

We are a very small company.  We live and work locally and rarely travel outside of a ten mile radius of Hightstown.  We may work in several households on any given day and, as such, we have instituted new handwashing and sanitation policies.  We have hand sanitizers in all of our vehicles and use it between jobs.  Upon arriving at a home, we will ask to wash our hands and ask that we be directed to any sink you are comfortable with us using.  If any of us are not feeling 100%, we will not be working.  If anyone in your household is not feeling well, do not hesitate to contact us to reschedule.  We are all in this together.

Pete and I want to assure you that we are doing everything we can to provide you with professional home repair in the safest way for all of us and, of course, without the Dude Attitude!


Kerrie Peterson, Mrs. Fixxit

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Mrs. Fixxit Family Home Repair is just what you have been looking for! We are family-owned and operated and our customers are our neighbors! We’ve built our reputation on being prompt, honest, reliable and professional. You trust us with your home and we take that very seriously.

What we do:
• Painting
• Walls
• Carpentry
• Assembly
• Home decorating
• Specialized Needs
• Floors
• Repairs & Upgrades
• Doors
• Maintenance