Mrs. Fixxit offers a wide range of services. These home repairs services include:

      • Paint a baseboard, a wall, or the entire house
      • Fix a wall, a porch, a window, or a floor
      • Stop a stubborn leak, a drafty door, or a creeping crack
      • Change a lock, a light, or a door
      • Hang a picture, a shelf, or a curtain
      • Assemble a chair, an entertainment center, or a garden shed
      • Clean out a yard, a garage, or the whole house
      • Install new cabinets, flooring, or ceiling fans
      • Secure railings, grab bars, and baby gates

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Mrs. Fixxit can do much more than we listed, but this just gives you an idea of the services we can provide for you.  Use your imagination and we can probably do it for you.  Need your privacy fence repaired? We can do it for you.  Need your living room Mrs Fixxitrepainted? We can do that too.  Do you have a honey-do home repair list that needs to be completed? We can help.  If you don’t see something listed that you need done, just call and ask.  We can usually help you or else find someone who can. Our home repair contractors have the skills and knowledge you need.


Mrs. Fixxit as a home repair service looks at every job individually and provides you with a Mrs. Fixxit Repair Servicesdetailed, itemized estimate to review. In most cases, we take measurements and plug those numbers into a set formula, add the materials, which give an estimate of cost and labor. If you have a list of small jobs that need to be done, we will take care of your list at $60 per hour.

Estimates can be provided but they are just that…an estimate on your home repair and maintenance.  We have numerous references who will attest to our work ethic and quality of work.  We show up for work when we tell you, work hard until the job is done.